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Chartered quantity surveyors are the financial managers of the construction team who add value by managing the functions of cost, time and quality. They provide effective cost management and cost control in building and engineering projects of any scale. Demand for their services is worldwide and chartered quantity surveyors currently work in over 100 countries.

As consultants they influence every stage of construction from initial feasibility to settlement of the final account. They produce estimates and cost plans; advise on contract methods and contractor selection; value work in progress; check accounts; analyse expenditure for tax and insurance; and advise on the running and maintenance costs of a building during its life cycle. Their knowledge of the industry enables chartered quantity surveyors to act as project managers on behalf of clients with responsibility for the selection, management and coordination of all the resources needed for the satisfactory completion of a construction project.


Ultimately, the benefit to the Client, [whether they be public authority, corporate body or private individual], of employing the services of a chartered quantity surveyor, is better information upon which to make decisions. They have someone acting for them who is respected within the industry for their professional and personal integrity together with a detailed knowledge of the industry and its conventions, who can act for them from an expert’s point of view.

Better idea of cost at an earlier stage

Ability to plan expenditure

Ability to design to a cost

Advice on procurement, advantages and disadvantages of various schemes

Monitoring cost as work proceeds to enable an early decision on potential changes

Negotiation of prices with builders from an expert’s point of view.

Monitoring progress leading to rapid prediction of problems enabling early action to be taken

Knowledge that the client is getting the best deal.

Management of Risk